Word Square Generator

Instructions: give a description of the square you want to generate and a list of the words to be hidden in it. The program will try to create a square for you (it will fail if there isn't enough room in the square).

  1. This title will be displayed at the top of the page for the word square:
  2. The square will be letters wide and letters high.
  3. In between 'hidden' words (which you give me lower on this page) the square will be filled with random letters in
    lower case only only UPPER CASE ONLY mIxED cAse
  4. The 'hidden' words should be placed to read
    horizontal left-to-right and vertical top-to-bottom only
    horizontal and vertical, all directions (ie words can be reversed)
    as above and diagonal allowed too
  5. These are the words to be hiden in the square (1 to a line)

Your square will appear here.